Faithful customers are covered through Technet for Road Assistance problems!  Towing reimbursement!


We Won't Leave You Stranded

If your insurance does not cover towing or other important automobile needs, Faithful Auto can help!  Roadside assistance is available to every Faithful customer who purchases $25 or more in parts and/or services from Faithful Auto because we are a TECHNET Professional Automotive Service Center.  It covers up to tow occurrences within a 365 day period.  The program will reimburse up to $75 per occurrence for the following services:

  • Towing
  • Battery Jump Start
  • Emergency Fuel Delivery
  • Lock Out Aid
  • Flat Tire Assistance

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Digital inspections sent right to your smart phone.  Includes pictures and technician's notes.


Digital Inspections sent right to your smart phone!

With every repair, Faithful Auto offers all of our customers a 27 pt. digital courtesy inspection sent directly to any smart phone!  The digital inspection includes 3 different levels of repairs needed. 

 RED:  In need of immediate attention/possible safety issue.

YELLOW:  Maintenance items due by vehicle mileage/items to monitor and keep an eye on.

GREEN:  Great!  No need of attention at this current time! 

 These ratings assure our customers that they are aware of which repairs need their immediate attention, which repairs may need attention in the near future (gives you time to save up!), and areas that are in great shape. Faithful Auto will not sell you unneeded repairs!  

Our digital inspections are very thorough and even include technician notes and pictures!  After your car has been seen by one our our certified technicians, you can leave our shop knowing the health of your entire vehicle.  You can put your mind at ease knowing that our technicians know every inch of your vehicle on every visit!

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